Different style of my birthday

Dear Friends :
13 june 2009 was my 25th Birthday
and i decided to celebrate it first time
in th life.

I went to the markeet for parchasing the Birthday cacke.
But there were much more prizes of cackes.

So i turn back and went to a vegitable shop.
I bought a Water-melon
and come Back at home.

I cutt the Water-melon and say

"Happy birth day to you"

My all family membrs are happy in my different style
of birthday cermony.
I asked to alls whos seeing my Blog
Is it nessory, we must be cutt the cacke at Birthday ?

please leave a comment for me
thanks and regards :


8 Responses to “Different style of my birthday”

Happy belated birthday dude!
nice way to celebrate :-)

DuFFeR - ڈفر said...

sorry for being late in wishing
Happy belated birthday :)
may you have many many more
btw, you really celebrated in a unique manner
this time i would also love to have some unique style while having my birthsay :)

Billu said...

Happy belated birthday and water melon idea was great

Ghufran said...

bohet acha tareeqa hai , me bhi apni salgirah aisay hi manao ga .

shekari said...

Happy birthday to you.
sorry I'm late, I was don't see it.

Kamran said...

happy birthday, and nice blog! :) and yeah, my birthday is 12th June so we're close! ;)

JeanMac said...

Happy birthday! It is not necessary to have a cake and cut it but it is traditional.

lani said...

Happy Birthday fellow Gemini

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